New Series of Domestic Robots Respond to Your Family’s Needs
Ecovac's Famibot and Winbot 7 can report smoke from fire early and clean windows with ease
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Sep 26, 2012

Ecovacs' Famibot is controlled via cell phone

At the International Consumer Electronics fair IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, Chinese robot company  Ecovacs presented new series of domestic Service Robots. 

Famibot is a companion robot to control household appliances through a cell phone via 3G or WiFi. Famibot owners can see what is happening at their home, monitoring various functions, i.e. to turn ON/OFF air-conditioner, lights etc.

Winbot 7 series is a robotic windows cleaner which can clean safely frame or frameless glass efficiently. It clings to a window with a vacuum pump. It can vertically move up and clean a window based on an automatically calculated route. The Winbot 7 combines wet and dry cleaning using a zigzag pattern ensuring maximum coverage of the area without repetition. Winbot 7's bumper and side roller keep the unit ans window protected and reduce friction. Equipped with ant-slip drive treads and two powerful motors the winbot is absolutely flexible and agile.
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