ProPep Surgical Issued United States Patent for its Nerve Monitoring System
The patent recognizes the first real-time nerve identification system specifically designed for use during robotic surgery.
By Robotics Trends News Sources - Filed Feb 27, 2012


ProPep Surgical, LLC a privately-held, Austin-based medical device company, announced today the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for a System and Method for Laparoscopic Nerve Detection (8,083,685). This is the first in a series a patents the company has filed or will be filing on their ground breaking ProPep Nerve Monitoring System, according to a prepared statement.

The ProPep Nerve Monitoring System is the first, real-time nerve identification system specifically designed for use during robotic surgery. Fast, accurate and easy to use, the system aids a surgeon in identifying otherwise invisible nerves during minimally invasive robotic pelvic surgery.

“Currently, surgeons rely on anatomic landmarks to identify these nerves during surgery.  Unfortunately, these landmarks are not always reliable,” according to Dr. Randy Fagin, Chief Medical Officer. “By helping the surgeon identify these nerves in real-time during the surgical procedure, the ProPep Nerve Monitoring System allows the surgeon to make a more informed decision about which tissue to selectively preserve or remove during an operation and as a result, potentially reduce the incidence of nerve damage related side effects such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction following prostatectomy surgery.”

Jim Schneider, chief operating officer at ProPep called the patent “an important milestone” and “the foundation upon which ProPep is building its Nerve Monitoring System intellectual property estate. We look forward to… ultimately providing robotic surgeons the same nerve monitoring capabilities that have been Standard of Care in multiple open surgical procedures for decades.” 

SOURCE: ProPep Surgical


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