RE2, Inc. Awarded Air Force Research Lab Force Protection Robotics Program
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 01, 2007
RE2, Inc., a leading developer of intelligent modular manipulation systems and JAUS software solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a Force Protection Robotics research and development contract by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) for the integration of a JAUS-compliant robotic manipulator arm with a small robot platform.

The multi-phase Force Protection Robotics Program aims to develop automation and intelligent system technologies for use in high threat areas, expeditionary and fixed airbase support, and homeland security. The goals of the Force Protection Robotics program are to:
Enhance security force response and situational awareness;
Increase use and reliability of unmanned systems in hostile work environments;
Exploit leading edge technologies to the benefit of the operators by reducing time-on-target by 50%, decreasing personnel exposure by 30%, and increasing standoff detection by 1 km.
During the initial phase of the program, RE2 will integrate its JAUS-compliant Small Robot Toolkit (SRT) manipulator arm onto a small robot platform. The manipulator arm will also be integrated with a third-party OCU. The SRT offers plug-n-play end-effector tools, such as a brute force gripper, a dexterous gripper, and a sensor tilt table, to enable the system to easily adapt to a variety of missions. The integrated system will be demonstrated in a real-world force protection environment.

“AFRL is pleased to be working with RE2 on the Force Protection Robotics program,” stated Walt Waltz, Air Force Research Lab, Airbase Technologies Division, Robotics Research Group Leader.  “RE2 possesses the technical ability, JAUS expertise, and competence to respond rapidly to our needs.”

RE2’s extensive experience with JAUS, including its robust RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit (SDK), is critical to this program. The Company s in-depth knowledge of the JAUS standard provides a framework for creating an interoperable system.

“We are excited to be working with AFRL to improve force protection through the development of intelligent system technologies,” stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and chief executive officer of RE2, Inc. “RE2’s award of this program by AFRL further validates our leadership and expertise in the area of JAUS-enabled intelligent modular manipulation technologies for unmanned vehicles.”

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Jessica Jordan Pedersen
COO, RE2, Inc.

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