RoboNexus Call for Presentations
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jun 06, 2005
Robotics Trends’ RoboNexus Conference and Exposition is a multifaceted educational forum and exposition designed to bring together in once place, across three days, all of the key participants driving the burgeoning personal, service and mobile robotics market. RoboNexus provides dedicated, one day “events-within-the-event” specifically tailored to serve the educational and networking needs of multiple constituencies, with content specialized for investment and business development professionals, educators and academics, professional and hobbyist robot developers, along with robotics enthusiasts and the general public.

Robotics Trends is seeking interesting, thought provoking sessions delivered by compelling speakers for each of five separate RoboNexus events including:
- RoboNexus Business Development and Opportunity Event,
- RoboNexus Business Development and Applications Event,
- RoboNexus Business Development and Opportunity Event,
- RoboNexus Development and Design Event,
- RoboNexus Education and Instruction Event, and
- RoboNexus Consumer Event.

For a complete description of RoboNexus, please visit the special informational website specifically designed for speakers at, or by visiting the RoboNexus conference website at

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