Robotic Bear Hugs and Checks Your Heart Rate
UrRobot wants to see HugBot installed in schools, playgrounds and children's hospitals
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Oct 09, 2012

A hug is good for the heart - especially if you hug this teddy bear, which monitors your blood pressure while giving you that reassuring pat on the back.

The HugBot, a huge teddy bear with a somewhat goofy grin, can wrap its arms around you, and while it offers young and old a bear-hug, internal microphones pick up your pulse to give you a little added re-assurance - or an early warning if it spots something unusual.

HugBot turned up at the Taipei International Robot Show 2012, and received a warm reception from the crowd, as well as a hug or two.

The robot administers its bear-hug for around five or six seconds, and it can sense when someone is close by waiting for a check-up.

The HugBot's designers at UrRobot told the robot blog site Plastic Pals that they want to see HugBot installed in schools, playgrounds and children's hospitals.

HugBot is not the first huggable robot.

Earlier this year, the £37 Hugvie was demonstrated to robot fans - a 'huggable robotic pillow-phone' which has its own heartbeat and internal vibrators - and then matches these to the caller's voice.

The vibrations become faster and stronger depending on the pitch and volume of your conversation.


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