Robotic Hand Can Feel and Function Much Like a Real One
Designers from the UK say that it can move and 'feel' in a near-biologic way
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 10, 2014

A robot hand that “knows” both how -- and how hard -- to grip objects of widely differing size and delicacy is being developed by ShadowRobot.

In both photos and videos released in recent days, the dramatic-looking, shiny black hand is shown variously holding a light bulb, a business card, an apple and other items and adjusting to each as necessary.

The company website says that “Shadow’s Dexterous Hand delivers a range of movement and capability which matches that of a human hand. The result is a complex biomimetic system with 20 degrees of freedom and over 100 sensors in a package the same size as a human hand.” 

Yahoo News says that “the makers are seeing great potential in brain-controlled prosthetics and future search-and-rescue operations.” 

The company’s own website adds that “Shadow was founded in 1987 as a team dedicated to developing cutting-edge robotics. It has since grown to a thriving business with 20 R&D and production engineers in London, Brest and Shanghai and sales globally.”

 The company is allied with an organization promoting technical advances throughout Europe. ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) is an European Union-funded project within the Seventh Framework Program, aiming to strengthen the cooperation between scientific research and industry in European robotics.

“The purpose of ECHORD is to significantly advance technological know-how and to pursue progress and innovation in joint technology and application development in European robotics. The main instrument for achieving this goal is by setting up the framework for European research institutions and robot manufacturers to cooperate in experiments that have a maximum duration of 18 months that have a specific, concrete focus and that use state-of-the-art equipment provided by the manufacturers.”


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