RobotsLAB Launches STEM BOT 3D
STEM BOT engages students in the entire life cycle of robotic product creation
By RobotsLAB - Filed Feb 26, 2014

RobotsLAB, the educational robotics company is launching at FETC conference in Orlando, FL a new robotics curriculum - STEM BOT 3D.

Although it doesn’t look like, it's actually 3D printed. When you look at the skeleton you can actually see this is a 3D printed robot. This is a new curriculum that we bring to schools and a tool that will bring to educators to engage students in Math and Science.

The program introduces the students to programming the robot, 3D print and design the skeleton, work on the electronics and make sure that the students understand the whole life cycle of creating a product. This is very important especially these days that 3D printers are entering every school and a lot of the homes.

3D Priting is the next industrial evolution, in this curriculum we provide only the electronics and the motors and the students have to work on everything. They have to 3D print the parts and they can of course re-design them and change them. They get to work on the electronics and understand how sensors are working and how other robot parts are actually coming to life. Eventually, they are programing the robot using Scratch which is a very easy drag-and-drop interface that many educators are already working with.

This interface actually helps students to control this robot and get feedbacks from sensors. It has a lot of sensors like tactile sensors, sound sensor, beat detector, camera, and so on. So the robot can actually follow the student’s face and interact with them. It’s not just a stupid robot, it can be their new friend and they actually get to make it.


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