Sanyo Develops Jellyfish-Like House-Sitting Robot
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Dec 09, 2004
Sanyo Electric Co.’s robot development units tmsuk Co. and tmsuk Sanyo Co. announced Wednesday that they have developed a jellyfish-like robot that can house-sit and can be used for room lighting.

The robot, named Roborior, is 25.9 centimeters high and weighs 3.25 kilograms. It has wheels underneath its round body and moves on the floor powered by a rechargeable battery.

When Roborior senses intruders’ movements, it lets out an alarm sound and makes a call to the owner’s mobile phone. Owners can control Roborior via their mobile phones to check their homes via images taken with a camera installed in Roborior.

Roborior is also equipped with red, green and blue light-emitting diodes, and can be used for lighting, the companies said.

The jellyfish-like body was designed by Paul White of Me Company, a British designers’ group.

Officials of tmsuk Sanyo said they hope to start selling Roborior in the summer or autumn of 2005. The company will consider selling the robot overseas, depending on demand, they added.

The robot is expected to be priced at around 280,000 yen (approximately $2,600 US).

Roborior is the successor to Banryu, a house-sitting dinosaur-like robot developed by tmsuk and Sanyo in 2003. Banryu, which walks on four feet, is 12 times heavier and seven times more expensive than the jellyfish robot.

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