SCHUNK Introduces Milling Toolholder Solution, Chuck Quickfinder App
Both products meant to simplify installation, ensure efficient operation
By RoboticsTrends' News Sources - Filed Mar 28, 2013

Workholding and tooling manufacturer SCHUNK has released two dynamic toolholding solutions for the shop floor and the mobile device.

The Sino-R milling toolholder is designed for simple installation for heavy duty cutting operations. The solid body toolholder clamps onto the cutting tool via actuation wrench in a “simple” operation that can cut downtime. SCHUNK highlights the Sino-R’s dampening characteristics as key to preserving tool life and reducing maintenance needs.

The universal toolholder is rated with a maximum torque transmission of 627 feet per pound, at a clamping diameter of 1.25 inches, while its intermediate sleeves allow its use with “nearly all common” tool shank diameters.  The Sino-R is precision balanced to G 6.3 at 15,000 r.p.m.

SCHUNK has also introduced software that helps users determine the appropriate jaws to use with their chuck. The Chuck Jaw Quickfinder web app allows users to visit a website ( and input information about their chuck make, size, type, and other information to automatically calculate the best chuck jaw type to use during the operation.  The Chuck Jaw Quickfinder has a database of more than 1,200 chuck jaw types and works with a wide variety of chucks from various manufacturers.

Further, SCHUNK published a mobile app version of its Chuck Jaw Quickfinder, available on iOS devices like the iPad or iPhone. The app is available free in The App Store and can be found by searching for “Chuck Jaws” or “SCHUNK.”


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