Seegrid Adds to Flexible AGV Suite
Get an exclusive first-look at the GT3 and GWSL3 now!
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Jan 14, 2014

The GT4 and GWSL3 are state of the art yet simple to use, as they do not require any additional infrastructure, costly expansion or redesign into a facility, or a specialized team of engineers to install, support, or operate the flexible vision-guided vehicles. The GT4 and GWSL3 offer fast and effective deployment within hours instead of weeks, have the ability to change routes quickly and easily, operate safely with workers and equipment, and provide the most operational flexibility for the automation of internal material flow in distribution and manufacturing facilities.  The automated tow tractor and walkie stacker rapidly reduce labor and operating costs while creating a lean, productive, and efficient operation.

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  • Review product specifications;
  • Evaluate capabilities and functionality;
  • Review pricing and monthly lease rates.
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