Skilligent Announces New Computer Vision Product
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 18, 2008
Skilligent LLC has announced a new computer vision product designed for robotic applications.  Skilligent Computer Vision system is a software component which implements powerful object recognition and object tracking algorithms. The system is specifically designed for robotics applications including the object recognition and tracking, image stabilization, visual-based servoing, human-to-machine interaction and visual-augmented landmark-based navigation.

The Skilligent Computer Vision system keeps digital object representations in an indexed structure optimized for fast searches. The software scans the video stream coming from a camera and searches for occurrences of the objects. 

The computer vision software is based on algorithms resistant to

  • Major changes in the illumination,
  • Partial object occlusions (up to 70-95%),
  • Changes of angles of view (up to 30-45 degrees), and
  • Camera lens distortions.
  • The Skilligent Computer Vision software can be used as a foundation for a vision-augmented navigation system. The software can reliably detect, identify and track visual landmark objects providing reference points for position estimation.

    The capability of the system is to “lock” on a target object/area and can be used for building image stabilization systems. While a platform (such as a UGV, UAV or USV) carrying the camera is moving, the stabilized image doesn’t move creating an illusion that the point of view is not changing. 

    “Skilligent Computer Vision is designed for real-life robotics applications. It works both indoor and outdoor, and is stable to changes in illumination. The software has several applications in the UAV, UGV, USV and service robotics markets. We are looking for partners to incorporate the technology into real-life systems”, said Sherrie Shearer, Skilligent’s COO.

    Additional Information

    About Skilligent LLC
    Skilligent develops and markets a trainable robotics control system for applications in industrial robotics, service robotics and home robotics industries. The company employs a team of talented engineers and researchers with backgrounds in control systems design, industrial automation, computer vision and embodied cognition. Skilligent LLC is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and operates an off-shore research and development center.

    Skilligent Media Contacts
    Sherrie Shearer, COO
    P:  903 819-5009

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