ST Robotics Introduces “Firefly”
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 09, 2009

ST Robotics' R12-500, dubbed “Firefly”

Affordable, high-performance industrial robot system, featuring theR12-500 robot arm, the new Mk5 controller, and RoboForth II software, targeted to small companies looking to automate processes.

ST Robotics announced the introduction of their new R12-500, dubbed “Firefly”—a technological and economical breakthrough in bench-top robotics.  At last, small companies looking to increase the production goals of their automated processes can afford such a robust, industrial robot system --- one that can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours.

This low-cost, self-contained system features a five-axis, vertically articulated, industrial robot arm with a 500mm reach and, amazingly enough, it’s also fast, accurate, compact and easy to program.  Its high intelligence can accomplish the most complex of tasks, while its simple interface allows for easy adaptation to any application—from machine feeding to testing to laboratory sample handling. 

“The R12 from ST Robotics is by far the world’s most cost-effective robot in its class,” said David Sands, President and CEO of ST Robotics.  “We used the latest technology and production techniques to manufacture the R12, resulting in a technologically advanced, yet low-priced, industrial system with remarkable software and unparalleled reliability and performance.”

ST Robotics has unveiled an unprecedented internet offer through December 31, 2009, that enables companies to acquire a complete, ready-to-use, R12 Robot System for just $6000.  This represents tremendous savings of 20% off the $7500 list price.  This limited-time package price includes the R12-500 robot arm, the new Mk5 controller, RoboForth II software, intuitive teach pad, simple interfacing with other equipment, cables, manuals, a two-year warranty and unlimited free technical support.  Options include pneumatic, electric and vacuum grippers, and expandable I/O. As with all ST Robotics products, the exceptional manuals and support provided make installation and programming surprisingly easy.

About ST Robotics
ST Robotics has offices in Princeton, New Jersey, and Cambridge, England.  One of the first manufacturers of bench-top robot arms, ST Robotics has been providing affordable, easy-to-use, ready-to-go, boxed robots for 25 years.  ST’s robots are utilized the world over by companies and institutions such as Boeing, Hewlett Packard, National Institute of Health, British Telecom, Max Planck Institute, MIT, NASA, Pfizer and Sony, to name a few. The numerous applications for ST’s robots benefit the manufacturing, nuclear, pharmaceutical, laboratory and semiconductor industries.

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