ST Robotics Introduces New Bench-top Robotic Arm
Low-cost, 6-axis articulated arm for complex tasks
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Apr 09, 2012

PRINCETON, NJ—ST Robotics announced the introduction of their new R12 6-axis, vertically articulated robot arm self-contained, industrial robot. The system can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours. Applications include testing, sample handling and machine feeding.

ST’s R12-six, although shipping into the industrial robotics market, is thoroughly capable for the most complex tasks due to its intelligence, speed, accuracy, reliability, adaptability and ease of programming. It has an effective reach of 500mm and utilizes new, light-weight, high-efficiency digital motors driven by steel-reinforced, polyurethane timing belts. Also of note are the optional, incremental, optical encoders, plus a versatile “hand” that incorporates a mounting plate for grippers, vacuum cups, etc.

ST Robotics claims that the R12-six is the most cost-effective, 6-axis robot on the market today for professional use. David Sands, President and CEO of ST Robotics, said,  “Based on our successful 5-axis design, the 6-axis option gives users the flexibility and motion required for more demanding tasks.”

ST Robotics is offering the R12-six for a limited time for USD$8650. This package price includes the R12-six robot arm, the new K11R controller, RoboForth II software, intuitive teach pad, simple interfacing with other equipment, cables, manuals, a two-year warranty and unlimited free technical support. Options include pneumatic, electric and vacuum grippers, and expandable I/O. As with all ST Robotics products, the fully-detailed manuals and support provided make installation and programming surprisingly easy.

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