University of Calgary Selects Clearpath Robotics for Harbor Defense Research
Unmanned surface vechicle provided to researchers.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 03, 2010

Clearpath Robotics is providing UofC’s Autonomous Reconfigurable/Robotic Systems Laboratory with their Kingfisher M100, an unmanned surface vehicle for marine research.

Clearpath Robotics, designers and manufactureers of unmanned vehicle systems, announced it will be partnering with the University of Calgary (UofC) for unmanned harbor defense research. The project is spearheaded by Dr. Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano, founder and director of UofC’s Autonomous Reconfigurable/Robotic Systems Lab in the Schulich School of Engineering.

Clearpath Robotics is providing the UofC team with their Kingfisher M100, an unmanned surface vehicle for marine research. This partnership will enable Dr. Ramirez-Serrano to develop a reconfigurable multi-robot system for autonomous harbor security. Under this initiative, coordinated fleets of Kingfishers will be used to execute surveillance and threat interception tasks in crowded harbors.

“An increased threat of terrorism has driven increased focus on the issues of harbor security. Our research will allow harbor security personnel to detect threats faster because, in this industry, every second counts,” says Dr. Ramirez-Serrano. “Clearpath Robotics’ Kingfisher is agile, man-portable and autonomous. It provides fundamental intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information to our team and is accelerating our research and development.”

“Neutralizing modern threats requires a modern technological approach. The University of Calgary is taking Clearpath Robotics’ unmanned vehicle technology to a new and exciting frontier - international defense,” says Matt Rendall, CEO of Clearpath Robotics. “Our Kingfisher is designed to meet the evolving challenges of unmanned surface vehicles and with the help of Dr. Ramirez-Serrano could become a standard protective measure for harbor security and defense.”

About Clearpath Robotics
Clearpath Robotics is a leading provider of unmanned research vehicles for universities, industry, and governments. Through industry-leading product engineering and support, their inspired solutions improve system reliability, while reducing costs and time to market. Researchers spend an estimated 80 percent of their time customizing and configuring generic hardware - a process that lengthens research cycles and increases budgets. As an R&D partner, Clearpath Robotics delivers turnkey solutions tuned to unique research needs. For more information about Clearpath Robotics visit:

About University of Calgary Autonomous Reconfigurable/Robotic Systems Lab
The Autonomous Reconfigurable/Robotic Systems Laboratory (AR2S-Lab) is directed by Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano as part of the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Calgary. The laboratory performs research and development in the intelligent control of unconventional unmanned vehicle systems, reconfigurable mobile robotic systems, and swarm robotics with application to search & rescue, critical infrastructure security, and municipal operations such as sewer and power line inspection.514.352.0500

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