Wolf Robotics Introduces Welding Robots with Grinding Capability
Wolf system supports both welding andd grinding.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Aug 05, 2010
New system allows finish grinding of weld beads by robots, allowing the robotic systems to complete the operation without further handling or relocating of the part.

Robotics can now be used to both weld and grind when finish grinding is required. Previously, a part that was welded and needed the weld bead to be finished smooth or the weld spatter removed, required a manual operation or relocation of the part to another cell for further processing.

Now, through the use of a tool changer, and new force control technology, the robot can perform the welding process and then switch heads to go back over the weld bead with a grinder or wire brush. This allows the robot to complete the operation without further handling or relocating of the part. The robot is capable of removing weld spatter or grinding the weld bead smooth and conforming it to the contour of the finished part. This reduces part handling, provides a matching surface countour and nice quality finish.

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