Yost Engineering Announces New Line of Low Cost Attitude Heading Reference Systems
Units from the YEI 3-Space Sensor family are available for under $150.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jun 27, 2010

A new family of Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) from Yost Engineering, the low-cost, compact YEI 3-Space Sensors, are now available at under $150.

The YEI 3-Space Sensor family provides a reliable, high-accuracy, low-cost, small-size solution to movement and orientation challenges. The YEI 3-Space Sensor utilizes on-board processing and filtering algorithms to provide exceptionally accurate attitude and heading information based on the three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, and three-axis compass. Orientation can be returned in absolute terms or relative to a designated reference position. The proprietary multi-reference vector mode increases accuracy and greatly reduces and compensates for sensor error. The YEI 3-Space Sensor system also utilizes a dynamic sensor confidence algorithm that ensures optimal accuracy and precision across a wide range of operating conditions.

Standard YEI 3-Space Sensor features for fine-tuning the performance to specific applications include:

  • Oversampling
  • Averaging
  • Auto-calibration
  • Absolute or custom reference axes
  • Access to raw sensor data

Orientation data may be retrieved in multiple formats, including:

  • Quaternion
  • Rotation matrix
  • Axis angle
  • Two-vector (forward/down)

The YEI 3-Space Sensor USB units are compact in size, and have driver options allowing them to be used as a USB joystick or mouse, making them excellent options for PC controllers. The USB driver also incorporates the use of a virtual COM port allowing quick and easy integration in PC applications. The RS232 interface allows easy implementation in embedded applications. The unit also includes an RGB LED and two buttons to enhance their use in interactive or controller applications.

The YEI 3-Space Sensor USB supports both ASCII and binary communication. ASCII mode used human-readable text, and is useful for terminal use and debugging. Binary mode is preferred for use with a microcontroller or programming language, and provides better performance characteristics.

The YEI 3-Space Sensor USB units go on public sale in August 2010 at a single-unit cost of $145 with USB and RS232 communication protocols. Additional models will be available in Fall and Winter 2010, including surface-mount modules, strap-down embedded modules, wireless/battery versions, and data-logging versions.

Volume pricing inquiries may be directed to . Yost Engineering Inc is an Ohio-based company.

For more information on the YEI 3-Space Sensor please see http://www.3spacesensor.com.

Francesca Hartop
Yost Engineering Inc
P:  (888) 395-9029

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