Ray Kurzweil on Self-Driving Cars Making Life-and-Death Decisions

How self-driving cars make life-and-death decisions is a major question that remains unanswered.

Now that self-driving cars are starting to take to the road, such as nuTonomy’s autonomous taxi service in Singapore, life-and-death decisions once made by humans alone will start being made by robots, too.

The social dilemma of self-driving cars, rightfully so, is a major issue that doesn’t have a perfect solution. There’s been numerous studies on the matter, and MIT even published the “Moral Machine” website to gather data on how humans feel about the moral decisions self-driving cars will ultimately have to make.

The website shows you a situation where a self-driving car must choose between the lesser of two evils and, acting as neutral third party, you decide which outcome is more acceptable.

Ray Kurzweil, the renowned author, computer scientist, inventor and futurist, is now weighing in on how self-driving cars will make life-and-decisions, saying the moral discussion is important, yet subtle, necessary, and deserving of careful consideration

Watch the video above to get Kurweil’s take.

[Source:] Singularity Hub

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