Real Life Grand Theft Auto 2 Created Using Drones

A group of filmmakers and gamers recreated Grand Theft Auto 2 in real life using a drone, camera, "gang members" and a bunch of cars. Watch the recreation.

Here’s a drone application you don’t see everyday.

A group of filmmakers and gamers recreated Grand Theft Auto 2 in real life using a drone, camera, “gang members” and a bunch of cars. The filmmakers even added in some sound effects to make it sound like you’re playing the actual game.

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The lead character, Claude Speed, steals cars and races through the streets, mimicking the plot of the popular video game series.

And all of the action is captured from above using a drone. And for those who have flown a drone, you’ll appreciate the precision and skill with which the operators controlled the drone, managing to stick with the car the whole time without crashing it.

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Grand Theft Auto 2 was released in 1999 and is set in a gang-ridden city in America. The gameplay is viewed from overhead.

[via Reddit]

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