Relive the CES Robotics Conference

The CES 2016 Robotics Conference Track featured discussions about AI, cloud robotics, personal robots and more.

The Robotics Conference at CES 2016, which was presented by Robotics Trends, was delivered to a packed room at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. If you weren’t able to attend the sessions, or if you did attend and want to revisit them, all three sessions can be watched in the videos below.

The first session, “Robots Come Home,” was presented by Lux Research’s Mark Bünger and Maryanna Saenko. It took an honest look at the state of the home robotics market, concluding that home robots must continue to evolve.

Saenko briefly recapped how science fiction has shaped popular conceptions of robots, from Rurel Capek’s indentured servants and Isaac Asimov’s helpers of humanity guided by laws to The Jetson’s Rosie the Robot. Even in 2016, people are still asking, “Where’s Rosie?” Despite developments in artificial intelligence, navigation, and controls, the current hardware “is far from that reality,” Saenko said. “But we are starting to see pieces of Rosie, and they could come together.”

Watch the complete session delivered by Saenko and colleague Mark Bünger below. Here are the slides from their presentation (PDF).

Smart Robots: AI, Learning and the Cloud

The second session, “Smart Robots: AI, Learning and the Cloud,” was delivered by James Kuffner, who was fresh off his announcement that he left Google for Toyota’s new $1 billion AI research facility. Kuffner discussed the relationships among robotics, AI, and the cloud. Kuffner also described his work on machine learning, autonomous navigation, and personal robots.

You can read an analysis of Kuffner’s session from our sister site, Robotics Business Review, and watch Kuffner’s session below.

See them Live! Robot Revue for 2016

The last session of the day, “See them Live! Robot Revue for 2016,” included demos and Q&A with robotics’ most disruptive new entrepreneurs. Included in the session were AIBrain, Aldebaran, which earlier at CES announced a partnership with IBM Watson on Pepper, Blue Frog Robotics, and Yamaha. Watch the session in its entirety below.


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