Robolink 12-in-1 Robot Kit Launches on Kickstarter

Rokit Smart is a user-friendly robotics kit that teaches building and programming of robots without soldering or prior experience.

Robolink built its first prototype of Rokit Smart a few years ago and has since been using the kit to teach thousands of students around San Diego how to build and program their own robots.

Now Robolink is looking to bring the 12-in-1 Rokit Smart robot kit to the rest of the world, launching a campaign on Kickstarter looking to raise $15,000 by June 16th for the kit. As of press time, Robolink has raised $15,590.

The first 100 backers will have receive a Rokit Smart for $109, a savings of 25% off of the retail price.

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The robot kit teaches kids as young as 8 years old how to program and build 12 different robots in as little as one hour.

These robots can autonomously follow a track, be controlled by remote and perform many other tasks.

Thousands of elementary school students across Southern California have already tested prototypes for Rokit Smart.

“When I see how much fun kids are having as the robot they just built dribbles a ball or navigates a maze, it always brings a huge smile to my face,” says Hansol Hong, Robolink’s Director of Business Development.

Rokit Smart is compatible with Arduino, a programming language designed for robots that they can download for free.

“Learning to program our robots is a perfect stepping stone into languages like C and C++.  That’s going to be an incredibly valuable skill as these kids get older,” says Hong.


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