Robotics at CES 2016: Registration Now Open

Robots are getting set to once again invade CES as the Robotics Marketplace, presented by Robotics Trends, will see a 71 percent growth in exhibit space.

Photo Caption: The Robotics Marketplace, presented by Robotics Trend, at CES 2015.

Veteran CES®-goers have witnessed over the past three years the growing prominence of robots edging their way into venues all over the annual consumer electronics bash in Las Vegas.

CES 2016 is slated to push the robot population even higher. The Robotics Marketplace, presented by Robotics Trends, will see a 71 percent growth in exhibit space over 2015 CES. The Robotics Marketplace, for which registration is now open, will be located at CES Tech West within the Sands Expo (Level 2) from January 6-9, 2016.

More than 20 exhibitors will showcase the full range of robotic technologies that are transforming the way consumers learn, do business, monitor their health and maintain their households. Major robotic companies include: Nidec Corporation, ECOVACS Robotics, Robocare Co., Ninebot Inc., and Future Robot Co.

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“Robots can increasingly move, see, hear, sense and react to the environment,” says Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “Robots will change how we approach our daily lives. We expect to see this category expand on the CES show floor, improve lives and help transform the consumer technology industry.”

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Maybe the money you save can be put towards a robot.

It’s like an invasion from within: drones that were once scarce now proliferate; 3D printers, once just about invisible, now pack in throngs of the curious; while robot floor vacs, lawn mowers, pool cleaners, telepresence robots, even driverless BMWs are more than obvious to everyone.

Robotics Trends is also gearing up for our annual half-day conference (January 8, Venetian, Level 4, 9 AM to 12:30 PM) where we will “showcase intelligent, autonomous machines that are changing the way we live.” Our three sessions will cover:

Robots Come Home (9-10 AM)
Wherever you happen to live, better make room for a robot. The first wave of personal robots just hit the open market. We premiere the best of these home companions and their makers, plus future insight on what’s next in their product pipelines.

Smart Robots: A.I., Learning and the Cloud (10:15 AM - 11:15 AM)
The fusion of robotics, AI, and Cloud Computing forms the blueprint for a new breed of machine: the “learning” robot. Leading minds in cognitive systems and Cloud robotics unpack what happens when these powerful technologies are transplanted into robots.

See them Live! Robot Revue for 2016 (11:30 AM-12:30 PM)
Robotics Trends introduces the year’s hottest, most exciting robots and their makers. This session includes demos and Q&A with robotics’ most disruptive new entrepreneurs.

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