RobotsLAB Box STEM Kit

The RobotsLAB BOX uses robots to demonstrate abstract concepts in Algebra, Physics, Geometry, Trigonometry, and more.

RobotsLAB Box Images

Imagine being taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter. The RobotsLAB BOX is a teaching-aid demonstrating math and science’s core concepts, using robots. The tablet includes interactive lessons, in-class quizzes, and instructional videos, which help students understand why math is relevant to their world.

Without any prior experience in robotics or computer science, teachers can demonstrate abstract concepts like slope, sine, cosine, and vectors right out of the BOX. The lesson plans are strictly aligned with mandated Common Core, TEKS, and STAAR standards for middle and high school.

Just swipe your fingers on the yellow slider on the left side of the screen, and the robots will come to life. No prior experience in computer science, robotics or programming is needed.

Every lesson was designed to bring abstract concepts to life by providing concrete demonstrations (when the robots are moving around) to the abstract concepts (equations, graphs). Explaining abstract relationships and equations such as quadratic equations, slope, unit circle and even piece wise functions, was never that easy and engaging!

The lessons are divided to three sections:
1. Prepare - Familiarize the students with the subject and the interface.
2. Demonstrate - Run the demonstration with the robot, and describe how the motion represents the abstract math concept.
3. Investigate - Reinforce the learning, and challenge the students.

Here’s what comes with the purchase of RobotsLAB Box:

  • A tablet for control
  • A Quadcopter
  • A Mustached Rover
  • A Robotic Arm
  • A Robotic Ball
  • An Accessories Kit
  • A Smart board / projector connector
  • A Table Holder
  • RobotsLAB Mat
  • Quick Start Guide, Instructional DVD, and a Transport case


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