Sparksfly for Jibo Brings Voice Control to Social Media

Sparksfly for Jibo allows you to read, post, like and dislike social media content by simply having a conversation with Jibo.

Billed as the “world’s first social robot for the home,” it makes sense for Jibo to be connected to its users’ social media networks. A new Jibo skill (app) is making it easier for you to stay socially connected by simply having a conversation with Jibo.

Sparksfly, an app that helps you search, sort and curate your social feeds, is coming to Jibo. In the video above, Sparksfly co-founder and CEO David Bankston demos the new Sparskfly for Jibo skill (Jibo Social, for short) that allows you to use your voice to control your social networks.

Bankston uses Jibo’s software development kit (SDK) to walk through the process of updating your Facebook status, with a picture included, by simply having a conversation with Jibo. It’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Bankston uses Jibo’s wake-up phrase “Hey, Jibo” to get the robot’s attention
  2. He then asks Jibo to post a status update for him
  3. Jibo responds, “sure thing, David. What would you like me to post?”
  4. “I’m getting up early to get my groove on,” David says
  5. Jibo then asks David if he wants a photo included in the status update
  6. David says yes, so Jibo takes a photo
  7. Jibo updates David’s Facebook status and does a dance when he’s done

Sparksfly said its Jibo Social skill will be able to show your latest social network posts, alert you when there’s an important post (called “Sparks”) on one of your networks and curate posts from specific groups, including your family or friends.

Jibo automatically recognizes you, so Sparksfly said it can update each member of your household individually on what’s happening on their respective social media feeds. And it’ll learn your habits and routines through the Sparksfly Artificial Intelligence Engine.

Sparksfly for Jibo

Sparksfly said its target launch date is October 2016, which, is now the launch date for Jibo. The social robot has been delayed twice, of course, missing its original ship date of September 2015 by a long shot. Jibo raised more than $3,710,410 on Indiegogo, the most successful robot crowdfunding campaign ever.

But we have seen progress of late. The beta version of the SDK became available in May 2016, and new Jibo skills continue to be teased. Jibo recently partnered with Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe to create a new gaming experience for the social robot. Japan-based Bandai is an arcade, mobile and home video game publisher best known for its work on Pac-Man, Tekken, Soulcalibur, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Galaga.

We’ve also seen Jibo order a pizza and even remind the user that her son is allergic to one of the toppings. We’ve also seen Jibo control lights in a smart home. Watch the video below to see Jibo turn lights on and off, make them warmer, and change their color.

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