Sphero 2.0 App-Controlled Robot Ball

With over 30 apps available for download and more on the way, Sphero 2.0 provides you with plenty of gaming thrills.

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Sphero is the world’s first app-controlled robotic ball and a sophisticated companion for your smartphone or tablet. Sphero 2.0 has been completely re-engineered from the ground up to give you an entirely new gaming experience.

Powered with new AI Superdrive capabilities, Sphero 2.0 reaches speeds of up to 7 feet per second, which is twice as fast as the original. And just like a racecar, every aspect of the internal robot has been re-configured for optimal performance, including a more efficient drivetrain and lowered center of gravity.

With new multicolor LEDs, Sphero 2.0 is 3x brighter than before. You’ll need sunglasses to make sure the brilliance doesn’t blind you. Powered by induction charging to give you over an hour of full-throttle play, Bluetooth connection, and upgraded firmware, Sphero 2.0 will change the way you play.

Sphero immerses you in a new type of gameplay called mixed-reality, in which real and virtual elements are seamlessly merged together. With over 30 apps available for download and more on the way, Sphero provides you with plenty of gaming thrills.

Sphero is compatible with a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS 4.0 or greater, Android 2.2, Android 2.3.3+, and Android 3.0+. Sphero also has an Open API (application program interface) for developers, which allows virtually anyone to program new games and apps for Sphero. The API is user friendly, so you will be able to use it whether you are a seasoned developer or a novice app programmer.



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