Tend Launches in.view Robot Performance Management Software

Tend's newest smart cloud robotics solution, in.view, enables remote monitoring and analysis of production robots.

f you’re looking for more insight about how your industrial or collaborative robots are performing, a new cloud-based monitoring and analysis application launching at RoboBusiness 2017 can help you do just that.

Tend’s in.view (“intelligent view”) software allows users to remotely monitor and analyze the performance of their production robots on their mobile device.  in.view features automated alert notifications, a live and historical video feed of the robot(s) being monitored, and access to important key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Event and exception monitoring
  • Job cycle analysis
  • Activity logs

in.view users can also access robot logs and video recordings of the robot cell when issues arise so integrators and in-house personnel can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot errors.

in.view costs $250 per month, with no up-front hardware or installation costs. And no long-term subscription required.  Visit booth #102 at RoboBusiness to see the world premiere of in.view.

“in.view is a breakthrough for manufacturers and systems integrators of all sizes,” said Tend CEO Mark Silliman.  “It gives operators and plant managers 24×7 access to valuable insights about their production performance, without requiring the hardware, sensors or extensive integration involved with other smart manufacturing solutions.”

Tend was recently recognized by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan as the 2017 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Industrial Robotics Software in Discrete Industries.

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