Tesla Autopilot Terrifies 70-year-old Grandmother

Watch this grandmother freak out and think she's "about to die" as she rides in a self-driving Tesla Model S.

Despite the many benefits self-driving cars can offer elderly people around the world, a recent poll found that only 25 percent of voters 65 years and older would feel safe in a self-driving car.

Case in point: the 70-year-old grandmother in the video above.

The woman freaks out while riding in a Tesla Model S that’s driving itself in Autopilot mode. Here are some of her priceless quotes as she’s losing her mind on the road:

“It’s scary!”

“Bill, put me back for me control it.”

“Oh, oh, where’s it going?”

“Oh geez, this is my first day out, and I’m about to die.”

“I couldn’t do it.”

“Oh, there’s a car coming!”

Priceless, yet probably not much different than how many of us reacted our first time riding in a self-driving car. A passenger named “Bill” eventually disables Autopilot by grabbing the wheel and telling her to hit the brakes.

Tesla Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving system that can automatically steer and change lanes on highways, but it still sometimes requires a human to take control.

Let’s hope “Bill” doesn’t buy her a fully-loaded Tesla Model 3 for her 71st birthday.

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