The BBQ’s Best Friend: Grillbot

A clean grill is just a single press away with Grillbot

Enrich the life of every professional or backyard griller and barbecue lover on your holiday gift list with the latest advancement in cleaning technology known as Grillbot. 

When the grilling is done and the beer is poured why does the chef have to be stuck scrubbing the barbecue? Instead of struggling with the grease and grime left behind, let Grillbot handle the heavy scrubbing and get back to enjoying that perfectly cooked sirloin worry free.

From the messy griller to the neat freak to the restaurant professional, Grillbot is the perfect tool to add to their cleaning arsenal this holiday season. Grillbot is the achievement of creator Ethan Wood’s years of research and development. It boasts a trio of dishwasher safe and replaceable brushes that take care of the dirty work whether the grill is hot or cold and comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from this robot pal.

Each robot houses three powerful electric motors and a smart computer brain that regulates its speed and direction. To use, simply place it on the grill, press the button, and then sit back and relax while it takes care of business. Built to last, Grillbot can work on gas or charcoal grills and is available with brass or stainless steel bristles. A built in LCD alarm and timer are added safety guarantees that sound if the grill is left on or when its cycle is done. When its job is finished it can be kept alongside the grill in its special hanging storage case.

The Grillbot has been selected as one of the 40 favorite products from Season 3 of the DIY Network’s popular show I Want That. Fans of this ingenious robot should keep their eyes peeled and their polling skills honed for their chance to vote for the Grillbot in the hopes it makes it into the top 15 and onto the DIY Network’s I Want That “The Most” bonus episode.

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