Twitter Drone Would be the King of Selfies

Twitter users could control the drone's movement and stream what it captures.

We’ve seen selfie drones before with the Zano Nano and Nixie. But Twitter, apparently, is looking to take the concept of the selfie-drone to the next level.

Twitter was granted a patent last week for a “messaging-enabled unmanned aerial vehicle” that takes photos and videos that can be shared on user accounts. Twitter users could control the drone’s movement and stream what it captures.

When asked for comment by CNBC, a Twitter rep simply said, “Two words: Drone selfies.” The patent also notes that drone controls could be determined “through democratic means,” as well as triggered after a certain amount of engagements.

As CNBC alludes to, a Twitter drone would fit nicely with Periscope, a live streaming video service that Twitter launched earlier in 2015. According to the patent, Twitter’s drone could be equipped with a microphone and screen of its own, which could be very useful to media outlets looking to conduct interviews or capture footage remotely.

Drone selfies are nothing new for Twitter. During the 2014 Cannes Lions festival, Twitter created the @dronie account to share bird’s-eye-view photos and videos of the ceremony throughout the week.

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