Watch: DIYer Uses Star Wars Drone as a Snowblower

Drones won't be replacing shovels or snowblowers any time soon.

I’m not sure this is the most efficient way to clear snow, especially for someone who lives in Ontario, Canada, but we applaud the ingenuity.

Ian Fisher posted a video of himself clearing snow from a walkway using a Millennium Falcon drone that he built from scratch. “I tried previously to use The Force but this method is a lot easier,” he writes on YouTube.

In the video, Fisher tries to clear the walkway of snow, but inevitably misses a few spots along the way. He’d probably need a few batteries to clear that small amount of snow, at the rate he was going.

I’m all for doing anything to get out of shoveling snow, but maybe Ian should build a robot snowblower, they work much better.

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