Watch: Robot Serves Ice Cream in China

The "Robot Ice Cream House" was installed recently at a mall in northeastern China, offering six different flavors and a variety of toppings.

Food-related robots are popping up all over the place. We’ve seen a fast-food robot that can make a burger in 10 seconds.

We’ve seen restaurants that have robots zipping around to order, cook, bake and deliver meals.

We’ve even seen a drone made out of chocolate.

And now at a mall in northeastern China, the “Robot Ice Cream House” has a robot that can serve customers six different flavors of ice cream. It can even add toppings such as nuts and candies, based on the order customers place using the touchpanel.

We’ve seen robot arms serving ice cream before, but this robot is a little more dressed up and designed to look humanoid-ish. The $250,000 robot is just two glorified robotic arms, but it has painted-on features, including eyes, a smile and brown hair.

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