Yujin iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum

The device has a run time of up to 160 minutes and uses 15 sensors to choose the best course of cleaning.

iClebo Arte Images

The Yujin iClebo Arte robot vacuum not only vacuums floors, but it also mops floors and has several vacuuming modes for different types of floors. Integrated wet-mop mode allows the iClebo Arte to pick up dirt and debris that tries to stick to many floors. The device has a run time of up to 160 minutes and comes with a set of HEPA filters and cleaning brushes to help ensure maximum results.

Unlike some other robotic vacuum cleaners, the Yujin iClebo Arte does not take off from its charging base. Instead, it begins its work at the door of a room and systematically moves throughout the space, vacuuming as it goes.

For spots that need heavy cleaning, it operates in a max mode until it removes all the debris. With smart navigation and 15 sensors to guide it, it can choose the best course of cleaning and knows to slow down when approaching walls and furniture.

The iClebo Arte uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and cleans for approximately two hours per charge. It comes with its own charging base, so when its battery is low, your automatic cleaning friend returns on its own to get more energy. It comes with the welcome feature of automatic scheduling, so you can set it to clean while you are at home or at work, simply by using the remote control that comes with it.

This iClebo Arte includes a built-in cliff sensor that keeps it from falling down the stairs. To keep it from going other places it should not go, you get area boundary tape included with it. You just place the tape where you don’t want the robot to go. When its sensors detect the boundary tape, the machine turns around.


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