Yujin iClebo POP Robot Vacuum

Mop mode polishes the floor with the removable micro fiber mop for a shiny finish.

iClebo POP Images

The Yujin iClebo POP robot vacuum uses a 3-step cleaning process consisting of an initial random mode followed by a whirling mode that focuses on fine dust particles and areas of higher need, and concludes with a corner mode that covers the perimeter of the room. POP is able to accurately cover an entire room with this method through the use of spatial analyzing from sensors located on the front of the robot which feeds its driving algorithm allowing it to judge its surrounding environment and not miss a spot.

There’s also a wet cleaning feature (mop mode) that polishes the floor with the removable micro fiber mop for a shiny finish.

Another feature that sets this robotic vacuum apart is an enhanced climbing mode that lets POP climb thresholds up to 1.8cm. Additionally the POP also has a 160-minute battery that makes it ideal for thoroughly cleaning large areas.

POP’s intelligence will also help it to find its way home after each cleaning session. What this means is that it will make its way back to the base station for docking upon completion of its vacuuming if it launches from the base station or from where ever else it starts. This cool feature ensures that POP will continuously charge itself after each use, when activated from its based, and even allows for the base station to be setup somewhere out of the way so that the robotic vacuum is hidden when not in use.

The iClebo POP robot vacuum comes with an infrared remote control and can be scheduled to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week.


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