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RoboBusiness 2014

Location: Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

Date: October 15-17, 2014
RoboBusiness is the leading business development event for the global robotics industry, where robotics movers and shakers come together to accelerate the commercial advancement of the industry.

Robotics Trends Media is pleased to announce that the 10th edition of RoboBusiness will take place at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA on October 15-17, 2014.

Fresh off the heels of the strongest RoboBusiness yet, RoboBusiness 2014 in Silicon Valley brought 600+ business and technical executives, management, academia, research, investment and enterprise end-user professionals together for three days of compelling content, networking and special events. Please find a special RoboBusiness recap storyt: Prepping for Robotics in 2014 at RoboBusiness 2013.

With the majority of RoboBusiness 2013 sponsoring companies resigned as sponsors for RoboBusiness 2014 in Boston, available space for sponsors is getting limited.

For sponsorship information, contact Richard Erb today
at 508-663-1500 x331 or

Exciting NEW initiatives include:

  • Expanded workshops on Startup Development and the New Industrial Robotics.
  • 2 co-located conferences for end-users in Advanced Manufacturing & Modern Materials Handling.
  • Matchmaking business meetings between investors and startups.
  • More hands-on demos
  • Tours of local research labs

    Featured topics to include:

    Robotics and Big Data

    New Enabling Sensor Technologies

    Mobile Co-Worker Robots in the Supply Chain

    Panels on Intellectual Property & Regulatory Challenges

    Disruptive Applications

Call for Papers, opening February 17, 2014.

Robotics Online Events

Location: Virtual

Date: March to December 2014

In addition to the webcast series, we have also developed a series of research reports that directly align with each webcast topic.

While an hour-long webcast is personal insight and hands-on experience from the perspective of people who live and work in the industry, each research report is designed as an in-depth guide and exploration on the same topic as the webcast.  Together, both are an unbeatable combination! Titles for both webcasts and research reports are the same:

Here is the schedule:

Self-Driving Vehicles: The Road from Automation to Autonomy
March 4th

Autonomous vehicles, both automobiles and trucks, are here now and prowling test tracks and highways both in the U.S. and abroad. Building on America’s automobile-manufacturing infrastructure and its premiere IT know-how, a home-grown market for autonomous private and commercial-truck vehicles is on the rise and could grow as quickly and broadly as did the market for personal computing.

This webcast will focus on the largest segments of that spectrum, the auto and commercial-truck industries. Beginning with basic industry drivers, the webcast quickly deep-dives into the research and trends that are bubbling up seemingly everywhere.

Download Archived Webcast

Research Report: Safe at Any Speed: The Age of Self-driving Vehicles

Robotics Solutions for Materials Handling Applications
March 11th

Manufacturing, warehousing, material handling, supply chain automation - companies far and wide are incorporating robotics solutions into their materials handling processes; gaining substantial increases in efficiency, reduced costs and an edge over the competition.

Join Dan Kara, Chief Research Officer, Myria RAS, as he addresses these questions during this exclusive webcast. He’ll provide an overview of the very latest advances in robotic technology for a variety of material handling applications. He’ll also share success stories illustrating how these solutions are improving productivity and quality levels.

During this webcast you’ll learn how the latest generation of robotics systems, which incorporate vision, mobility, autonomous navigation, complex manipulation and motion control, can be used in a wide variety of applications such as picking, placing, order fulfillment, palletizing, depalletizing, loading, unloading and many other areas.

Download Archived Webcast

Consumer Robotics
March 27

Join Tom Green, editor in chief of RBR, together with Rob Daley, CEO, and Henry Thorne, CTO, the co-founders of 4moms, for a special look at the consumer robotics marketplace of today and what might be in store for tomorrow.

We’ll examine the unique way in which 4moms is delivering its robotically-inspired, brand of juvenile products - cribs, carriers and car seats - that are shaking up the $3 billion juvenile marketplace.

We’ll also discuss:

How is robotics today entering into the consumer space?
What are the key products and which are the important verticals?
Advice on how best to market robot devices as consumer products.

Download Archived Webcast

The Rise of Vision Systems: Turning Point for Robotics
April 29th

Vision systems may well be one of robotics most defining accomplishments: a moment when the technology takes a quantum leap in making machines truly aware of their surroundings and of their actions.

Over the past three years, the number of vision system filings for U.S. patents has dramatically increased, and similarly, an increase in the number of new companies, new technologies and new applications in the vision system development space has taken place. Critical mass has arrived.

The Rise of Vision Systems, sponsored by Vision Ventures, will focus on vision systems which are leading to new robotic capabilities to create a generation of robots that will intelligently react to changes because they understand the world around them. A generation of truly intelligent robots that are needed to complete complex everyday tasks while adapting to a constantly changing environment.

The webcast will present a breakdown of machine vision and vision-guided robotics market:

Products, applications, technology and processes
Provide market data
Market drivers
Trends and opportunities
Top-selling products and key players
Competitive outlook

Download Archived Webcast
Research Report: The Rise of Vision Systems - Turning Point for Robotics

Big Ag and Agribotics
May 29th

By the year 2050, it is estimated that the world population will have reached 9B inhabitants. In order to provide those billions with the 4Fs of food, feed, fiber, and fuel, agricultural production must double while agricultural efficiency must increase by 25 percent.

That’s a tall order, especially when the population of people engaged in agriculture is falling. Barely 2 percent of the U.S. population is on the farm; growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley are hard-pressed to find field workers to hire, and in places like Japan the average age of farmers is 70 years old. The future outlook for more people to fill the gap by taking up farming is slim to none.

This webcast will address challenges facing agriculture:

How mechanization is arriving in the world’s farmlands
Planting, field monitoring and harvesting
Drones on farm and orchard
Autonomous vehicles and broad-acre farming, orchards and small farms
Automation of stoop-labor, vegetable and berry picking small Asian rice fields
Mechanical worker vs. human farm labor
Market leaders

Download Archived Webcast
Research Report: Big Ag & Agribotics: 2014-2020 Robotics and the Revolution in Global Agriculture

Robotics Solutions for Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers
June 3rd

The robots are here: Flexible and reliable robotic picking, handling, depalletizing and palletizing solutions for wholesale, food service and retail store replenishment maximize order fulfillment efficiency. Along with that reality are the labor cost savings through increased reliability, line speed, workplace safety and order accuracy.

This webcast presents an overview of robots and automation: together with monitoring, controlling and supporting robot solutions for peak performance.

Join Dan Kara, Chief Research Officer, Myria RAS, as he addresses these questions during this exclusive live webcast. He’ll offer an industry-wide look at how robots with advanced vision systems and robotic arm technologies are driving change in the entire goods-to-man process flow, which are leading to the inevitable reality of the “lights out warehouse.”

Download Archived Webcast

Healthcare Robotics
July 22

Healthcare in the U.S. is approaching $4 trillion annually. To support, enhance, and mitigate the healthcare burdens, our healthcare system is witnessing robotic medical technology entering hospital surgical suites, in-patient rooms, in-home patient care, and uses with emergency services and vehicles.

Increasingly, this new unfolding healthcare scenario is looked upon both as a wellspring of new robotic care and healing innovations and also as a near bewildering array of complex medical devices needing careful integration into the healthcare system.

Robotics hold the promise of addressing major healthcare issues in surgery, diagnostics, prosthetics, physical and mental therapy, monitoring, and support. Where are the challenges and where are the advances being made?

Included in the webcast:

Market drivers for healthcare robotics
Overall market sizing
General challenges/opportunities
Overall investment/funding trends
Robotics technology supporting doctors and surgeons
Robotics technology patient-side support (from medical center to home)

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Robotics in Oil, Gas & Mining
July 31st

From Rio Tinto’s “Mine of the Future” to the estimated $2.3 trillion in sub-sea mineral wealth beneath Japan’s territorial waters to UAVs exploring for oil in the Canadian “Oil Patch” to robotic space missions to mine asteroids to deep-sea oil well safety and decommissioning, robotics is building for itself a new and potentially unequaled industry to pioneer: Robotics in Oil, Gas & Mining.

With land-based mineral deposits beginning to run out and the cost of precious-metals extraction on the rise, large mining companies—and even nation states—are racing to the bottom of the sea…outer space…and challenging environments seeming everywhere in an attempt to exploit the in calculable mineral resources of the world’s oceans, land masses, and off-world space explorations

The need for robotic systems for autonomous drilling, automated sampling, in-site analysis, geo-technical characterization and remote access; to providing reliable, efficient methods to boost performance, including automating dangerous tasks, gathering data, and improving operations, has robots on land, as UAVs airborne anywhere, sub-sea ROVs in the deepest ocean environments, and near-Earth robot space vehicles and landers, as the new tool set for mining, and oil exploration and drilling.

This webcast will offer an industry update on high-performance robot technologies for mining, oil and gas exploration and production, including:

Intelligent excavation systems
Autonomous drills and sampling systems
Embedded sensors and instruments
Data collection devices
Down-hole systems
Remote access platforms

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Robotics Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing
August 7

Until quite recently, industrial robotics automation was limited to immobile, single task robots that had little interaction with humans or the world around them as they performed their simple, repetitive tasks in a handful of industry sectors. Advancements in robotic and control technology, along with supplier outreach to new markets and support for advanced manufacturing methodologies, now allow industrial robots to expand beyond their traditional automation roles to perform new tasks, support novel applications and benefit a much wider range of vertical market segments.

In this webinar, attendees will learn of the latest developments in this ongoing process. Case studies and insights from industry thought leaders will be employed to underscore key issues. Topics include:

  • Recent technological advances
  • New products and services offerings
  • Support for lean and agile methods
  • New classes of applications
  • Support for non-traditional vertical markets.
Panelists on the webcast include:
  • Dan Kara, Practice Director, Robotics, ABI Research
  • Eric Foellmer, Marketing Manager, Rethink Robotics
  • Ed Mullen, National Sales Manager, Universal Robots
  • Dan D’Aquila Managing Director at Infranor Inc.
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Robotics and the “New” Supply Chain
August 28

For today’s warehouses and DCs, automation, by itself, has reached its physical limits of speed, accuracy and adaptability. Automation is wrapped in a bruising logistics struggle all of which is driven by online purchasing and omni-channel commerce. Can “lights out” warehousing save the day?

Manufacturing, warehousing, material handling, supply chain automation — companies far and wide are incorporating robotics solutions into their materials handling processes; gaining substantial increases in efficiency, reduced costs and an edge over the competition.

And it’s happening fast. And it’s happening within an industry that is moving ever faster. Philip Clarke, CEO of Tesco, said at his company’s earnings call on February 25th that he’s seen nothing like this demand for speed in his over forty years in the business.

Join Tom Green, editor in chief of Robotics Business Review and his guests as the webcast addresses the arrival, challenges, benefits and costs of the “New” supply chain and the demands of modern logistics.

During this webcast you’ll learn how the latest generation of robotics systems, which incorporate vision, mobility, autonomous navigation, complex manipulation and motion control, can be used in a wide variety of applications such as picking, placing, order fulfillment, palletizing, depalletizing, loading, unloading all along what’s being called the “New” Supply Chain.

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Robotics for Construction & Building
Sept. 30

The facts are clear that the building and construction industry could benefit wildly from robot innovation, even in small doses:

Fact: Construction is a global $4.6T mega-business with a 25% decline in productivity over the last 40 years.

Fact: Construction and building-site trash, i.e. wood, metals, asphalt shingles, bricks, tiles, glass, concrete and gypsum—which amounts to 30% of the of the 2.2B tons of solid waste produced annually worldwide…with the amount of annual waste slated to double by 2025

Fact: The building and construction industry lose billions of dollars a year because of its inefficiencies.

Fact: In home building, the potential for robots to save costs is even more pronounced: standard cookie-cutter, rectilinear design of new homes would realize 20 to 25% savings on financing; 25 to 30% savings in materials and 45 to 55% savings in labor.

The webcast will present a breakdown of drivers, major players, investment opportunities and market sizing for the impact of robots on building construction and built-environments:

Products, applications, technology and processes
Provide market data
Market drivers
Trends and opportunities, plus
Top-selling products and key players
Competitive outlook

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Consumer Robotics
December 2

Join us for a fascinating look at the year that was and the year just ahead for consumer robotics. From smart toys and educational robotics, to hobby and personal robots, these automated devices perform a variety of common tasks, including healthcare support, vacuuming floors, mowing lawns…and much more. Daily it seems, newer, more versatile consumer robotics pop onto the consumer horizon.

Consumer robotics is a global multibillion-dollar industry that has taken off headed towards a trillion-dollar market. And as it skyrockets upwards, it continues to provide new opportunities for manufacturers and stakeholders in multiple markets.

By the year 2020, some prognosticators are claiming at least one robot will be in every home in America and Europe as well as in a big chunk of Asia. That’s one heck of a lot of consumer robots.

Join Tom Green and guests as this webcast gets you tuned up and ready for the new products and new trends that are settling into the Consumer Electronics Show, and what that all means for consumers, manufacturers, business buyers and specifiers of consumer robotics products within the wholesale and retail sectors.

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