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Online Events

Robotics Online Events

Location: Virtual

Date: Feb. to Nov. 2013

Robotics Trends is pleased to offer a series of online lead generation programs for 2014. These programs are focused on robotics solutions for commercial applications and markets. The following online programs are organized in partnership with leading industry publications and associations guaranteed to deliver a high level audience and qualified business leads. The online calendar for 2014 focuses on robotics solutions for manufacturing, supply chain, agriculture, security and more.


March 4
Robotics Solutions for Materials Handling Applications
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Broadly defined, “materials handling” is the movement, selection and packing of bulk materials, parts and goods, usually in an industrial setting. Many types of technology, including robotics, have been employed to automate materials handling processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve competitiveness. The latest generation of robotics systems, which incorporate vision, mobility, autonomous navigation, complex manipulation and motion control, as well as greater levels of intelligence, greatly improve materials handling productivity and quality levels, as well as enable whole new classes of materials handling applications. This session will provide the attendee with an overview of the very latest advances in robotic technology for a variety of material handling applications.

March 4
Self-Driving Vehicles on our Highways and Byways


Each of the webinars focus on robotics solutions for vertical market applications. Each of these programs targets a highly qualified audience of end-users and systems integrators. As a title sponsor, your company will receive a minimum of 100 leads from the webcast plus all the leads generated during the 90 day post webcast period. Investment per program: $5,000.

Please contact Richard Erb today at 508-663-1500 x331 or
to learn more about these education and lead generation programs.

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