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Consumer and Education
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Cute Owl Robot Makes Learning a Hoot
The ixi-play engages with kids while playing educational games.
By Robotics Trends News Sources - Filed Aug 14, 2013

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Life’s busy—but children still need active engagement & attention

Many parents struggle to balance their time between their children and other tasks. Household chores, work, the thousand other big and little things that take you away from your kids: you just can’t spend all your time with them. And there are few good solutions. Television and tablets might distract children, but they offer limited or no interaction at all. Parents need a product that actively occupies their children, that delights and encourages them while supporting their cognitive development. That’s why we’re introducing ixi-play.

Meet ixi-play—an adorable robot buddy built to support childhood development

Behind his big sweet eyes, ixi-play is an advanced robot equipped with face detection, color, and voice recognition—and he was designed to actively engage with your child. He can see, hear, feel, move, dance and express wonderfully life-like emotion. Children are drawn to ixi-play—and the strategic educational content built into his game repertoire supports their development. ixi-play is perfect for math games and language-learning; he also watches and responds engagingly and encouragingly to other forms of play. ixi-play can communicate with your child as he or she stacks building blocks helping to train spatial awareness and motor skills. And because he and your child share time together in a comfortable, sociable way, ixi-play also supports open-ended activities like dress-up or drawing.

Peace of mind: see and hear your child from afar with ixi-play

ixi-play is your child’s friend—but he can also be used as a cutting-edge baby monitor. His built-in camera and microphone deliver a live video stream to your tablet or iPad. You can move the camera remotely—and if you want, ixi-play can even sing a bedtime song, play soothing music, or talk to your child.

Years of ixi-play: this friend grows alongside your child

Children learn fast, especially in their first years. We know how hard it is to keep them interested in any plaything for a significant amount of time. That’s why ixi-play is built to accept upgrades as your child grows. Download and install new apps and games available on an app store. The games we’ll once we can ship and sell ixi-play will have adaptive difficulty levels to keep pace with your children's age and skills, keeping them happy and challenged.

More than a hundred children have already fallen in love with ixi-play

ixi-play has been tested—and happily approved—by 125 children at schools and daycare as well as in their homes. As we refined our design, we worked together with universities to distill key insights from their research in childhood development and interaction. This helped us shape the games ixi-play knows and make our product safe for his young users—and we got to see all the smiles ixi-play produced.  

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