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Consumer and Education
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FIRST and VEX Robotics to Participate in Upcoming Online Conference
Attendees at the free, online conference, April 4, will learn why the education and research robotics industry represents a massive market opportunity for robotics and intelligent systems solution providers.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 17, 2012

The VEX Protobot Robot Kit: The company is heavily involved in student robotics competitions and works closely with school systems to advance robotics education. (Photo courtesy VEX Robotics)

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More and more children are participating in STEM programs and robotics competitions in the schools, preparing many for engineering studies and robotics careers down the road. And it's a good thing, because robotics is taking off as a solid job opportunity. In fact, according to a recent study, hiring demand for robotics skills has grown 44 percent in the past year, with recruiters posting more than 2,100 online job ads for robotics skills in January of 2012, according to WANTED Analytics. 

The Robotics Trends NextGen Education & Research Robotics Online Conference, April 4, 2012, will provide an online forum to bring together robotics technology solution providers with leading educators, students, robotics researchers, government representatives and others to share ideas, experiences and results about robotics and its invaluable applications within STEM education. 

  • Learn from educators of leading robotics academic institutions about the cutting-edge technologies they are employing to educate their students in the field of robotics.
  • Network with leading non-profit robotics competition organizers.
  • Find out how the top robotics competitions such as FIRST and VEX Robotics attract and stimulate the minds of young prospective engineering students.
  • Learn about the technical needs of colleges and universities participating in the expo program and meet students and educators interested in robotics curriculum and STEM education. 
  • Network with robotics researchers and learn about their current and future needs for technologies and services.


To learn more about how your company can participate in this conference and generate leads, create brand awareness for your company and educate prospective buyers about your technologies and services, please contact Rich Erb, General Manager, Robotics Trends, 508-663-1500 x331, .


SOURCE: Robotics Trends

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