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Consumer and Education
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Galileo Robotic Stand Lets You Pan and Tilt an iPhone Remotely
Angle speeds of up to 200 degrees per second can be achieved with the device.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Jun 15, 2012

More Consumer and Education stories using an iPhone is tricky since, when mounted, the device usually limits your view to a stationary frame with no context of the elements outside of the shot. That’s where the Galileo robotic stand can help. This Kickstarter success story is an iOS-controlled mount — a product conceived by the makers of the popular Gorillapod flexible tripod — allows a user to pan and tilt an iPhone 360 degrees. Best of all? It’s all done remotely.

 All a user has to do is mount his or her iPhone in the stand, and use a second device — an iPhone, iPad or web browser — to pan and tilt Galileo, using touch-based user interface or a mouse. You can move the angle at speeds of up to 200 degrees per second. Plus, this device can charge your iPhone while it’s shooting.

But in fact, the Galileo isn’t limited to just video conferences. We can see the device being used for more complex applications like filmmaking, time-lapse photography, baby monitoring, distance learning, etc. Clearly, others have recognized the utility of this device, too: The Galileo has blown past its $100,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter, receiving over $700,000 in pledges. It’s officially one of the fastest projects in the history of Kickstarter projects to reach its funding goal.

 The Galileo will start shipping to Kickstarter backers this summer; price: $130.


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