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Consumer and Education
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Justin Bieber Unveils TOSY mRobo Entertainment Robot at CES Robotics TechZone
Robot is part portable speaker, part MP3 player, part robot.
By Ellen Cotton - Filed Jan 12, 2012

The mRobo, MSRP $199 (Credit: TOSY)

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Plenty of press and plenty of autograph and photo-seeking parents were on hand at the CES Robotics TechZone today to take pictures and get autographs from Canadian pop star Justin Bieber as he unveiled a new dancing entertainment robot from Vietnamese robotics company TOSY Robotics.

Rumblings of the Bieber appearance could be heard throughout the TechZone yesterday, with many not believing that he would actually be showing up today. But hours before his 1:00 pm appearance, crowds started forming, many of them parents sent to the Robotics TechZone by their star-struck tweens. Bieber was joined in the unveiling by Ho Vinh Hoang, Founder and CEO, TOSY.

According to TOSY, the mRobo allows users to upload about 500 songs and select which tracks to play using a remote. When the music starts playing, mRobo will transform into a robot, growing a head, legs and arms. Although the mRobo is still in prototype stage, it’s expected to be available for sale in 2012 at a MSRP of $199.

Editor’s Note: Ellen Cotton, organizer of the Robotics Trends’ Robotics Tech Zone at CES, is also editor of RT’s sister Web site: RoboNexus,  where this story originally appeared.

SOURCE: RoboNexus

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