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Consumer and Education
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KumoTek Robotics Introduces Action Packed Humanoid Character Robot, KT-X
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 29, 2008
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Texas-based KumoTek has partnered with Japan’s Vstone to produce a humanoid, bipedal robot targeted at the education market.

In October 2007, KumoTek Robotics of Richardson, Texas, announced to the world that they were co-developing the “KT-X” (KumoTek-X) bipedal humanoid robot—the latest in educational robotics technology—with one of Japan’s most prestigious robotics research groups, Vstone Corporation.

Now, the gloves are off and the high-tech robotic super character has been released in 3 different versions, complete with wireless gamepad controller and programming software.
A veteran-owned business and a pioneer to the U.S. bipedal robotics industry, KumoTek is a lone-wolf enterprise, standing apart from traditional technology companies. They are building robotic applications that were at one time dreamt possible only in the pages of science fiction novels.

According to KumoTek founder and industry spokesman Matthew Fisher, robots such as the KT-X “provide a practical approach to hands on education, by giving kids the opportunity to dive into the deepest areas of their imagination and ultimately walk away with a fundamental knowledge of robotics systems.” Fisher also states that “in the process, we have actually witnessed many kids tapping into abilities that they didn’t even know existed.”
KumoTek has built an entire education system around their robots called Robot P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science).
A concept ahead of its time, the idea behind Robot P.E.T.S. isn’t to build a machine that will do your chores, bring you drinks or beat up bullies.  Instead it is an avant-garde curriculum designed to pull kids away from video games and launch them into the world of robotics science and mechanical engineering.

Fisher points out that “through fun bipedal robotics, students are indirectly acquiring the skills required to compete in a growing multi-billion dollar robotics industry, all the while building something they can brag to mom about.”
To learn more about the KT-X or other hobby and educational robotic applications available from KumoTek, please visit or send an email to .

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