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Consumer and Education
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Robotic Tour Guides Catch on in Australia
Tours can be accessed by any educators connected to the National Broadband Network
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Mar 21, 2013

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They look like giant chess pieces - one black pawn, another white, slowly making their way around the museum with dozens of online visitors.

The CSIRO-built robots come packed with high definition technology, visiting a selection of exhibits.

The tours are accessed by schools and libraries around Australia that are already connected to the National Broadband Network.

Online visitors select what they want to see, from which the robot guides create a tour for many online users at once.

The animatronic guides give their guests extra information, which can be accessed by clicking a mouse over items in the live vision.

Developer Ian Opperman says they have special sensors to make sure the robots do not run into exhibits, or guests visiting the old-fashioned way.

"This localisation and mapping system means it not only knows where the static items are, it also understands in real time, the world is changing around it," he said.

"It can see grandma coming. I can't, for example, stop grandma attacking the robot, but the robot certainly will keep its distance from grandma."


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