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Consumer and Education
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Dallas Based Robotics Company Set to Showcase Latest Humanoid Robot at nanoTX’07
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Sep 28, 2007
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Lewisville, Texas, based KumoTek Robotics will showcase its latest humanoid robot on October 02-04 at the nanoTX’07 Conference and Trade Expo in Dallas, Texas.

The “KumoTek-X” (KT-X) bipedal robot is a joint collaboration between Vstone Corporation of Japan and Texas’ own KumoTek Robotics, bringing together the latest in cutting-edge robotics engineering and style.

The KT-X is the first low-cost bi-pedal robot platform of its kind to be offered in the U.S. that is controllable by a standard PS2 gamepad controller, is easy to use and available to the general public.

The robot is capable walking, running, somersaulting and standing up from a face-up or face-down lying position. It can even be programmed to pull itself up autonomously after it has fallen over. It stands 13” tall, has 17 servo actuated joints (i.e., 17 degrees of freedom), a powerful 60MHz HV processor with 512kB ROM / 64kB RAM and comes fully loaded with over 75 preprogrammed motions.

The robot also comes with an easy to use programming interface, “KT-X Alive!” which KumoTek touts as the most user-friendly programming utility package to date that requires little-to-no prior experience with robotics or programming in order to gain efficiency.

KumoTek’s founder, Matt Fisher of Lewisville, TX, reported that the purpose of the KT-X robot is to provide an affordable alternative to higher end robots and to open up robotic technologies to the general public. “We are only touching the tip of the iceberg with our plans to revolutionize educational robotic technologies,” Fisher said.

The KumoTek team will also demonstrate other robots at their booth, including PLEN the Roller-skating Robot and the Bioloid, which has been one of the most popular biped robots in consumer sales history.

About KumoTek
KumoTek was founded by Matt Fisher in 2004, a Navy veteran, with goals to bring robotic technologies into mainstream use. The company initially focused on providing both production and custom devices to the educational robotic markets. KumoTek’s technology, coupled with their rapid growth and success, has allowed the company to expand their technology into markets where current tasks impose a high risk on human life. The company’s experience and adaptable technology allows remote interaction while relocating the operator out of harm’s way!

The company’s “off-shelf” and custom products have additional uses in areas where stealth and security issues are of concern. KumoTek’s products are in wide use by the Department of Defense and other government and private organizations worldwide.

KumoTek is based in Lewisville, TX, and also operates direct and through their Internet web store,

Tom Fisher
Business Manager, Kumotek
P: (972) 436-3867

Greg Peterson
CEO, Kumotek
P: 214-641-2287

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