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Consumer and Education
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RobotsLAB BOX Makes a Difference in Cedar Hill Schools
School district’s teachers complete professional development on using robots as tools to teach Math and Science
By RoboticsTrends' News Sources - Filed May 13, 2013

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Cedar Hill, TX, May1, 2013—Students at Cedar Hill Independent School District were delighted as Mr. Kyle Berger introduced the RobotsLAB BOX to Middle and High School Math and Science classes. Students didn’t imagine that a quadcopter could help them understand quadratic equations, and a robotic arm could help them figure out sine and cosine. With a standards-aligned curriculum, the RobotsLAB BOX is a revolutionary teaching aid for Math and Science teachers, introducing robotics technology and an easy-to-use tablet with pre-loaded lessons, to demonstrate abstract concepts using robots.

My students struggle to understand these topics,” said April Cordry-Moore, Pre-Caluculus teacher at the Cedar Hill high school. “By using these robots, I’m sure students will find the math behind it fun and engaging. Best of all, I don’t need prior experience with robotics in order to bring these advanced technologies into my classroom.”

Mr. Kyle Berger who advocated for this revolution, is the district’s CTE Director. He was elected as the “Tech Coordinator of the Year” for his constant contribution of bringing innovative and cutting-edge technologies into the classrooms and the local community. Thanks to his passion to drive forward the district, Cedar Hill ISD is one of the first adopters of the product.

RobotsLAB BOX is aligned with the school’s STEM program announced last Thursday, April 23 at the informational meeting for parents at the Cedar Hill ISD.

“Our goal is to develop students who use science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real world problems and to provide them with exposure to additional career opportunities,” said Instructional Coordinator, Brian Ward.

RobotsLAB is supporting the school’s educators, providing professional-development and introducing robots in unexpected places such as algebra lessons covering abstract concepts.

The company created an affordable solution for middle and high schools; equipping the RobotsLAB BOX with several robots that demonstrate core concepts in Algebra, Physics, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

About RobotsLAB: RobotsLAB is the specialist in robotics and education. The team includes teachers, professors, roboticists and engineers passionate about making STEM teaching fun and engaging for teachers and students.


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