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The Triple Threat: Roomba, Scooba, and Now Braava
The Braava floor mopping robot joins the ranks of the Roomba and Scooba.
By Stanley Goodner, Technology Tell - Filed Aug 28, 2013

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iRobot Corp., a leader in delivering robotic technology-based solutions, recently announced the release of a floor mopping robot, the Braava. The company has sold over 10 million home robots worldwide since their 2002 launch of the Roomba vacuum.

With such busy lives, where typical lunches last only 30 minutes and employers expect more to be done for less pay, why not delegate some house-cleaning responsibilities to a robot?

The Braava can now complete your trio of robot cleaning servants. The Roomba will vacuum for you, the Scooba will scrub floors clean, and the Braava will dry or damp mop floors to maintain that clean look and feel. If you’re like me, you hate that dirty dusty feeling of unkempt hard floors.

The iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot uses disposable or reusable cleaning cloths. With the push of one button, the robot sets off to clean quietly until it’s done. Just like its siblings it returns to where it started automatically.

It’s been designed to avoid carpets and falling off of ledges, providing peace of mind that the robot doesn’t need a babysitter.

“Braava is a great complement to our already strong suite of home robots,” said Christian Cerda, senior vice president and general manager of the Home Robots business unit at iRobot.

“With more than 10 million home robots sold worldwide, iRobot is focused on bringing new solutions like Braava to market, enabling people to take better care of their homes.”

Visit for more details about the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot. Clean smart, not hard.


<Source: businesswire>

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