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Consumer and Education
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Welcome to the Age of Interactive Robotics and Entertainment
Dinosaurs stalk visitors to Chicago's Field Museum.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 19, 2010

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What is robotic dinosaur museum installations could interact with visitors? What if the dinosaurs stalked the visitors? Visit the Field Museum in Chicago to find out.

On May 26, 2010 KumoTek Robotics will launch a first of its kind interactive robotics exhibit at the historical Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.

The exhibit will feature huge life-like dinosaurs manufactured by Kokoro Japan and integrated with the latest in interactive robotics technology from KumoTek.  Visitors will experience firsthand what it’s like to be stalked by prehistoric creatures of varying proportions, and can even bear witness to an interactive robotic performance between predator and prey. 

RoboSUE, a robotically animated recreation of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, is the main attraction in the experience. She is outfitted with cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence which is sure to scare anyone that comes near. The show is not scripted and no two visitors will have the same experience. The dinosaurs track guests in real-time, responding based on the actions of each individual visitor, and even interact among themselves.

This event will bring the prehistoric past to life in front of thousands of people and will be shown over a period of four months.

There will be a press preview in Chicago on May 25.  Please contact us through any of the email addresses below if you have any questions.

The Field Museum:

KumoTek Robotics:;


Matthew Fisher
Chief Technical Officer
KumoTek Robotics
P: 972.436.3867

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