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Consumer and Education
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WowWee Revolutionizes Affordable Consumer Robotics with Release of New Line of Robotic Companions
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 19, 2006
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WowWee Robotics, unleashed a revolutionary new line of robotic companions at the 2006 American International Toy Fair, the world’s largest annual youth product trade show held February 12-15 in New York.

Prompted by the proven success of the Wowwee Robotics division including Robosapien™, Roboraptor™, Robopet™, Robosapien™V2, the company has reached a new level of advanced technology to create the next generation of WowWee products. With the introduction of LCD screens, multimedia features, new locomotion and even more personality, WowWee brings its robotic companions to life with extraordinary features and complex functions sure to engage minds everywhere.

The robots are fully controllable and programmable and can interact autonomously with their environment. With the next generation of cutting edge innovations, WowWee continues to advance down the path of imaginative and inventive robotics that are not only affordable, but set the standard for the future of robotic entertainment.

RS Media™
For 2006, WowWee packs even more technology and personality into Robosapien™ V2 with the introduction of RS Media. Along with some of Robosapien V2’s amazing features, RS Media includes a multimedia experience that further enhances both direct and autonomous interaction with his owner and environment. With a full color LCD screen, hand-mounted tweeters and a back-mounted subwoofer, a USB connector and MP3 and MP4 playback; RS Media can display and store data easily from your PC. Have RS Media play a song through the speakers in his hands to experience his high quality sound system. Using the Personality editor, you can edit all his movements, sound files and video files, and even some of his programming. You can assign voice files or choreograph a routine to a favorite dance track. Entirely interchangeable, you can turn RS Media into one of the four provided personalities or create your own unique personality. Import photos or watch an entire movie using the external memory card slot. Let RS Media take a photo or movie with his color camera, and then have him display it on the LCD Screen. RS Media can be controlled with an IR remote, or put him in puppet mode for easy “teaching.” Software is included which allows for PC compatibility. Ages: 8 and up Available: 2006

Roboreptile™ is an advanced fusion of technology and individuality- the ultimate herpetological species. With his low menacing stride and striking animations this futuristic reptilian has both direct control and free roam functions. Advanced sensor technology allows his awareness to reach new levels. Realistic biomorphic motions and advance natural dynamics enable Roboreptile to move quickly on four legs or stand up and walk on his rear legs. Watch as Roboreptile jumps, whips his long tail and springs into action. Roboreptile’s acute vision and sound sensors allow him to avoid obstacles, and when in guard mode make Roboreptile a formidable sentry.

Completely interactive, Roboreptile can be programmed with movements to enhance his fiery personality. Beware- this reptile knows how to bite! While his cowl is on, Roboreptile will become docile and friendly; remove the cowl and you better stay on your toes! Ages: 8 and up Available: 2006

About WowWee Robotics
WowWee Ltd. is a privately-owned, Hong Kong based company, with offices in North America and a worldwide sales and distribution network. The Company is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and entertainment products. For more information and to see the latest WowWee products please go to

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