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Design and Development
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Base10 Selects RTI’s Real-Time Middleware for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Project
Real-Time Innovations middleware used in Base 10’s RoboScout UGV for the German armed forces.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Mar 30, 2009

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Real-Time Innovations’ publish-subscribe middleware, based on the Object Management Group’s Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems (DDS) standard, is being employed in German armed forces RoboScout unmanned ground vehicle currently under development by Base10.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), a developer of real-time middleware, announced that Base Ten Systems Electronics GmbH (Base10) has selected RTI Data Distribution Service for their unmanned ground-based vehicle (UGV) project. When the German Ministry of Defense needed the expertise to develop a UGV for deployment in hazardous environments, Base 10 was the natural choice. Base10 has over 30 years of experience in the use and adaptation of commercial electronics and microprocessor technology for military applications.

German Armed Forces RoboScout
Base10 is currently in the development phase of the RoboScout project, a system demonstrator comprising two ground vehicles and a mobile command post, scheduled for delivery to the German Armed Forces next year. RoboScout is built around a modular design to support multi-role operation, from SIGINT and reconnaissance through convoy and transport systems. It also has the ability to support both terrestrial and satellite data links, as well as acting as a communications relay station for other vehicles.

For such a mobile system, comprising multiple autonomous components, reliable real-time communications is a major concern. Base10 found that RTI’s real-time middleware, the RTI Data Distribution Service, addressed a number of key technical and systems integration issues in the development of this ground-breaking UGV project.

The communications environment for such an autonomous unmanned vehicle system has a demanding combination of special requirements, including low-latency real-time performance; high reliability and deterministic messaging; ability to support modularity and flexibility in system configuration; and to operate transparently in a heterogeneous communications environment using satellite and radio data links.
Photo of man in Command Post

RoboScout Mobile Command Post
Base10 found that RTI Data Distribution Service provides the ideal framework for communication and integration within the modular design of the RoboScout architecture, helping them to meet their performance requirements on this challenging and innovative UGV project.

The publish-subscribe model of RTI Data Distribution Service middleware also ensures that future upgrades and expansion to the RoboScout system can be undertaken with minimal effort, by greatly reducing the time involved in new software integration in support of additional functionality. It is the intention that the RoboScout System will be compatible with present and future military networks.

About RTI Data Distribution Service
RTI Data Distribution Service is a high-performance messaging, data distribution and data caching infrastructure for the development and integration of real-time, net-centric applications. It meets the demanding requirements of mission-critical systems including deterministic performance; low latency; high throughput; full fault tolerance; the ability to run in ad hoc and autonomous environments; and support for unreliable or low-bandwidth networks such as wireless and satellite links. A loosely coupled integration approach significantly reduces long-term software maintenance costs by allowing individual subsystems to be added or upgraded without impacting existing software.

RTI Data Distribution Service provides application programming interfaces that comply with the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) specification, the leading standard for real-time application integration. RTI also natively supports the Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) wire protocol for peer-to-peer interoperability with other RTPS-compliant DDS implementations. RTI is the world’s leading supplier of DDS related software and services.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides high-performance infrastructure solutions for the development and integration of distributed real-time applications. RTI’s data distribution, messaging, caching and Complex Event Processing (CEP) capabilities deliver dramatic improvements in latency, throughput and scalability while slashing cost of ownership. A broad range of industries have leveraged the company’s software and design expertise, including defense, intelligence, simulation, industrial control, power generation, transportation, finance, medical and communications. Founded in 1991, RTI is privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, please visit

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