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Design and Development
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Braintech Announces Release of New Vision Guidance Library
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Oct 26, 2008
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Developer of vision guided robotic (VGR) solutions has released a vision guidance library that simplifies the development of vision based systems.  Additional industry specific ‘technology packages’ are also available with more to come in the future.

Braintech Inc.  (OTCBB: BRHI) has developed eVisionEngine™, a vision guidance library that offers expanded commercial uses to a broad spectrum of customers in the robotics’ industry. 

eVisionEngine (eVE™) utilizes the core science developed for eVisionFactory, Braintech’s successful software used in Vision Guided Robotics (VGR).  It is a vision guidance library with separate VGR technology packages for guiding robots in industries such as manufacturing and materials handling.  Separately packaging technologies will allow robot system developers to add VGR to their robotic systems at dramatically lower costs. 

Braintech released the eVisionEngine package for 2D VGR, with future releases for 2.5D, and single camera 3D within the fourth quarter of 2008, and Random Bin Picking within the first quarter of 2009.  In addition to pose calculation technologies—used to locate parts with a high degree of accuracy—automatic robot-camera calibration, part training and system testing will also be packaged. 

“Our objective in selling eVisionEngine, with an innovative range of VGR science packages, is to reach further into more vertical markets by attracting a wider variety of customers to our award-winning technology,” Braintech CEO Rick Weidinger said.  “We believe our vision guidance packages will be extremely versatile for a variety of robot manufacturers, robot providers, smart camera manufacturers and VGR system integrators.”

For information about eVisionEngine visit:

About Braintech Inc.
Braintech’s (OTCBB: BRHI) software products offer robust, scaleable and transferable Vision Guided Robotic (VGR) solutions used for Industrial, Government and Defense, and Consumer and Service applications.  The company’s software is being utilized every day with over 470 installations and 125 different solutions around the world. 

For more information visit:

Kait Jones
Braintech Inc.
P:  604-988-6440 ext 204

Tim Tuttle
Public/Media Relations
P:  765-246-6335

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