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Design and Development
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BRS Labs Creates Behavioral-Based Video Surveillance System That Reasons Like a Human Brain
Video surveillance system reasons like a human brain.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Sep 25, 2009

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Advanced behavioral analytics cognitive reasoning software, which works much like a human brain, creates a new paradigm for video security.

Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) today announces a ground-breaking video-surveillance technology called Behavioral Analytics, which leverages cognitive reasoning, and processes visual data on a level similar to the human brain.

It is impossible for humans to monitor the tens of millions of cameras deployed throughout the world, a fact long recognized by the international security community. Security video is either used for forensic analysis after an incident has occurred, or it employs a limited-capability technology known as Video Analytics – a video-motion and object-classification-based software technology that attempts to watch video streams and then sends an alarm on specific pre-programmed events. The problem is that this legacy solution generates a great number of false alarms that effectively renders it useless in the real world.

BRS Labs has created a paradigm-shifting technology it calls Behavioral Analytics. It uses cognitive reasoning, much like the human brain, to process visual data and to identify criminal and terroristic activities. Built on a multi-patented framework of cognitive learning engines and computer vision, BRS’ AISight™, provides the world’s first fully automated, easily scalable surveillance solution that analyzes behavioral patterns, activities and scene content without the need for human training, setup, or programming.

Created by a group of premier scientists and engineers in computer vision and cognitive reasoning, the BRS Labs Behavioral Analytics platform provides exactly what is desperately needed today to actively and effectively monitor the millions of cameras trained on the world’s most sensitive areas.

The system learns autonomously, and builds cognitive “memories” while continuously monitoring a scene through the “eyes” of a closed circuit television (CCTV) security camera. It sees and then registers the context of what constitutes normal behavior, and the software distinguishes and alerts on abnormal behavior without requiring any special programming, definition of rules or virtual trip lines. Providing a critical “plug-and-play” security asset, AISight is a new operational standard for video security.

AISight is currently fielded across a wide variety of global critical infrastructure assets, protecting major international hotels, banking institutions, seaports, nuclear facilities, airports and dense urban areas plagued by criminal activity.

“The widespread adoption of video-camera technology has actually made the job of the security officer more difficult,” said John Frazzini, President of Houston-based BRS Labs. “For any surveillance system to be useful in today’s world, it must generate actionable intelligence during, and more importantly, before the intrusion. As the industry stands today, one security officer might be monitoring dozens, even hundreds, of cameras making any observation of unusual or threatening behavior dependent on sheer luck,” continued Frazzini.

AISight solves this problem by alerting only on abnormal behavior. Notifications are instantly deployed in real time to security personnel across a wide array of computer networks, and web-based systems, from command-and-control centers to edge PDA platforms such as military devices, BlackBerrys and even iPhones. Provided with immediate, real-time video content, security personnel now have access to viable and actionable intelligence, turning what could have been a forensic investigation into a successful interdiction, saving lives, assets and maintaining critical operations.

“Traditional video analytic approaches have failed because they ignore the fact that every environment is unique,” said Ray Davis, founder and CEO of BRS Labs. “These methods also require expensive, labor-intensive programming to define specific objects or activities a system should look for, so unexpected security incidents are missed,” said Davis. “Our behavior analytics approach to video surveillance delivers the right level of protection and the right level of privacy—from small, simple deployments to the largest and most complex security environments—without the shortfalls and high expense of other analytic solutions.”

From Sept. 21-23, BRS Labs will be providing demonstrations and reviewing case studies of AISight during the ASIS Seminar & Exhibits at the Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif. BRS is located in booth number 601.

About BRS Labs
BRS Labs is a software development company that has created the industry’s first video surveillance behavioral analysis software that adaptively learns behavior patterns in complex environments. BRS Labs is the only company that has been able to apply computer-vision and machine-learning capabilities to video analytics, thereby greatly enhancing operator awareness and effectiveness in improving security. No human is required to define parameters for the software to recognize behavior; the software reports unusual or suspicious behaviors based on memories it has acquired through observations over time. BRS Labs was founded in November 2005 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company is funded by $47 million in private equity.

Vicki Contavespi
BRS Labs:
P:  571-438-5766

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