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Controlbot Makes Patented Robotics Control Technology Available for License
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 08, 2007
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The Controlbot™ division of sensor company CliniSense announced that its core Controlbot robotics control technology (patents 6,658,325; 7,096,090; and 7,174,238) is now available for license to interested robotics companies. Controlbot SBDRL (Short-range, Bi-Directional, Digital Radio Link) technology allows Internet-controlled robots to interact with local RFID tags, Bluetooth™ devices, Zigbee™ devices, or other short-range wireless devices in the general vicinity of the robot. Because the robots contain their own onboard web servers, configuration is simple. The robots can work with standard 802 WiFi networks, and be controlled using standard web browsers.

Applications of Controlbot technology include Internet-controlled RFID tag readers for remote inventory management, Internet-controlled Bluetooth telepresence robots for enhanced site visits and telemedicine applications, and Internet-controlled Zigbee monitor and sentry robots for industrial control and security applications.

Using Controlbot Internet-controlled RFID tag readers, a remote user can log in to the robot’s web server using a standard Internet web browser (and appropriate security code). The remote user can then direct the robot to inspect articles of interest, view their status, and send RFID tag data back to the remote user. Alternatively the robot can be programmed to do automated remote inventory, according to the route and schedule set up by the remote user. The robot can also be set into a “locate” function in which it can search for a particular RFID tag signal, and report the status of the package containing the RFID tag (through images and local robotic sensors) to the remote user.

“Controlbot Internet-controlled telepresence robots have a number of advantages over standard interactive television and earlier telepresence robotics technology,” says Steve Zweig, CliniSense CEO. “Controlbot’s onboard Bluetooth transceivers allow the remote Internet user to carry on private conversations with local personnel using standard, off-the-shelf, Bluetooth headsets. If two-way video links are desired, a Controlbot robot can transmit an image of the remote Internet operator to local personnel using Bluetooth or WUSB video signals to local PDA, cell phone, or other display device attached to the robot. This allows for an immersive telepresence session, while decreasing the robot’s size, weight, and cost. Telemedicine sessions can be enhanced because the Controlbot technology robot can also be configured to receive information from local wireless sensors and convey them to authorized remote Internet users.”

Controlbot Internet-controlled process monitoring robots can be configured to receive data from local sensor networks (smart dust, Zigbee, Z-wave™, etc.) and transmit them to remote Internet operators. These remote Internet operators, in turn, can observe local alarm situations using the robot’s onboard webcams and other sensors, and in turn send control signals to local short-range wireless devices to correct problems. “Using Controlbot’s proprietary router function, the robot can even position itself to fix holes in wireless sensor networks,” Zweig says.

Steve Zweig
P: (408) 348-1495
E: )

About CliniSense
CliniSense Corporation is a Silicon Valley corporation specializing in developing and licensing supply chain sensors and robotics technologies. Founded in 2001, its headquarters are in Los Gatos, CA. For more robotics information, please visit, for more sensor information, please visit the company’s main website at

Controlbot is a trademark of CliniSense Corporation.

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