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Design and Development
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CoroWare Announces Microsoft Robotics Studio and CoroWare ClassPack Training Class
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 28, 2008
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CoroWare Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of CoroWare, Inc. (CROE.OB) announced that it will be holding a course and hands-on lab on Microsoft Robotics Studio and CoroWare ClassPack July 8-9 at the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center in Redmond, Washington.

Sara Morgan, author of Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award winner for her work with Microsoft Speech Server, will be conducting this upcoming course and hands-on lab.  Sara is an established author who has published numerous technical articles in programming journals and has a strong interest in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

“Ever since I can remember, I have had an interest in understanding the human brain and the behaviors that we take for granted. That, along with my passion to help others lead better lives, has led me towards the field of service-based robotics,” said Sara Morgan, robotic software engineer at CoroWare.  “I believe we are at the beginning stages of a technological explosion in which robotics will become ubiquitous with daily living.”

This class will introduce concepts that are relevant to running robotic simulations and help developers understand the tools and technologies that are available with Microsoft Robotics Studio.  Coupled with the CoroWare ClassPack and CoroWare CoroBot, this course can help research and development teams accelerate the development of mobile robotics applications and technologies.

CoroWare’s two-day course will offer developers an overview of Microsoft Robotics Studio and the tools and technologies that it supports, including Visual Programming Language and the Visual Simulation Editor.  The course will include a hands-on lab so developers can take full advantage of CoroWare ClassPack for Microsoft Robotics Studio, which features a simulated CoroWare CoroBot.

“We are excited about offering training classes that can help our research customer’s take even better advantage of Microsoft Robotic Studio, CoroWare ClassPack and the CoroBot product line,” said Jon Mandrell, Director of CoroWare’s Robotics and Automation business unit. “We are especially honored to have Sara Morgan, a very capable developer and remarkably gifted author, join CoroWare and round out the Robotics and Automation team.”

The course will be held at the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center on the Microsoft campus July 8 and 9. The cost is $990 for the two- day course and lab.  A 10% discount will be available for Microsoft employees and Microsoft Partner Solutions Center members.  For more information about this upcoming class, visit

About CoroWare
CoroWare Technologies, a subsidiary of CoroWare, Inc. (CROE.OB), is a systems and mobile robotics integrator that delivers high value services and innovative solutions to maximize technology investments and achieve customers’ goals.  CoroWare has a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in developing software and solutions for mobile service robotics and business automation through products that include the CoroBot product line.  For more information, please visit

Press Contact
Kami Noland

(800) 641-2676 x728

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